What a great program,
how can I help?
— you, 2018

We thought you'd never ask.







The Palette Fund has awarded Summer of Sass a 25k Matching Funds Grant!  DONATE NOW and your DONATION is  DOUBLED! WOAH! Im not economics major but that sounds like a win win. 


Summer of Sass is a proud participant in The Provincetown Compact "Think-u-bator" project, making any donation over $250 tax deductible. Planning to donate over $250? Please click "Donate" below. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU


buy the coloring book! 

SoS partnered with Boheme Publishing company to produce a coloring book comprised of original artwork from Provincetown artists. We asked 15+ "what does resistance mean to you", and they submitted original images, which we compiled into a lovely high end coloring book. Perfect for the grown up ( or almost grown up 13+) colorer in your life. Art therapy + good deed = relaxation. 







The Provincetown Community Compact, Inc. (The Compact) was established in 1993 as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization by Jay Critchley as a community-building and philanthropic organization to support living artists and the vitality of the arts community.

The mission of The Compact is to advance the health and cultural well being of the community of Provincetown and the Lower Cape – its people, the natural environment and the economy. The Compact also acts as a “Think-ubator” (incubator), offering fiscal sponsorship for social, environmental and artistic projects.