Who is eligible for Summer of Sass?

Summer of Sass is geared towards LGBTQI young adults between the ages of 18-20 (by March 2018). The goal of the program is to offer a summer getaway in an accepting environment where everyone is free to be themselves. We also recognize that not only is there often fluidity in sexuality, but also, some straight kids who fall outside of what are considered "mainstream" often get bullied based on sexuality, even if their identity is unknown/developing.

In short, if you are a young adult (18-20) and you  feel like you don't quite fit in where you are,  you want to work hard during the summer and live somewhere bullying isn't tolerated and LGBTQI people are a majority, this is for you. We understand that your sexuality isn't really anyone else's business, we just want you to feel safe. 

What sort of job will I have? 

That depends. We do our best to match participants with jobs that match their interests.  You will be given a short questionnaire about any work/life experience you may have and we will compare that to our participating employers. When we think we have a match for you and you agree,  you will then interview with your employer (Skype/Facetime) 

Summer is Provincetown is very much a "tourist economy" and the jobs will reflect that. Jobs range from bike rentals to retail, hotel front desk/housekeeping/bellhop, etc. Because Cape Cod relies on tourism for a large portion of its income, there are no "menial" jobs on the cape. We know it takes a whole town working together to service the hundreds of thousands of visitors that arrive on our tiny spot of land all summer. 

Where is Provincetown (PTown)?

Provincetown is a lovely fishing village/ summer tourist destination at the very tip of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. 

Is it Free?

Not Exactly, but let us explain. 

SoS offers support in a variety of ways, on a case by case basis. Last year we helped support travel costs and initial rent for some, initial work clothes purchases for some,  overall "settling in costs" ( household goods etc ) and other random expenses. Participants do pay weekly rent, but it is at a reduced rate and only begins once the Sasser starts working and is able to contribute. 

The reality is that our people come from all walks of life. Some of our youth will come from families that are supportive and have no problem chipping in for a plane ticket to help their child experience a summer of feeling accepted. Some folks will be from particularly unaccepting areas and perhaps have been unable to find work, in which case we cover costs to get them settled. 

We consider every submission and raise money to help as many people as we can. No one is turned away for lack of funds. 



What if I hate it?

The program asks you to commit to Memorial Day through Labor Day    (give or take) . We realize this can be a big move for people who haven't spent a lot of time away from home, so we ask everyone to make sure they are ready for it. The fun and excitement of Ptown took over everyone last year and not only did everyone LOVE their time here, One of them has returned to live here full time, and another stayed in Massachusetts to attend college.

We have a counselor onboard to work with the kids for an intake interview and an outtake and to be available as a confidential source of support and advice for all participants.  

Given the short window of time local business owners have to make money, it is important they have a reliable work staff. Participants must be responsible for themselves and their work schedule. Its almost like going away to college, if college was at the beach and only lasted for three months!