Summer Of Sass


Behind the Scenes



Kristen Becker

SOS Founder, Comedian, Activist,

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Regina Binder

As chairman of the Provincetown Community Compact, I first learned about Sass when the founder, Kristen Becker, came to the board to request fiscal sponsorship for the project under our "think-ubator" program*. We accepted and I chose to become personally involved to help build the organization. Summer of Sass embodies what Provincetown should be all about: freedom. Not only does Sass give young people a chance to experience life without judgment, but the town also benefits as more than half of Sass "graduates" become town residents.

*Since 1993 the Compact has nurtured new, grass roots projects that fit within the mission of the organization. Our Think-ubator helps creative ideas become reality by providing fiscal sponsorship for tax-exempt donations and budgetary accountability.


Paul Rusczynski

Born and raised in Pittsburgh PA, Paul’s career started there as assistant sales director at the Gateway Clipper Fleet, a multi million dollar excursion boating company.  He decided that his career should go a different direction, went back to school, finished and moved to Washington DC for a career in Radiation Therapy. He retired from Sibley Hospital in DC as a Dosimetrist in 2012 and moved to Provincetown. Paul joined the board of summer of sass at its inception 

Paul can be contacted at

Susanna Scott Mitchell

I have always had a strong sense of civic duty instilled into me my fundamentalist born-again Christian parents (yes, they do exist in the UK). My parents also instilled into me the evils of homosexuality, women working outside the home, film, music and associations with non-Christians. Needless to say the latter values didn’t resonate with me!

For over 10 years I volunteered with homeless charities in London. Firstly, for a homeless hostel for young people, where many of the clients had been kicked out of their homes for being gay/trans and then with Crisis, providing accommodation & services for homeless people, which included many ex-military & immigrant clients. In the US I volunteered with Coalition for the Homeless for 4 years. These experiences have given me an incredible insight into the multiple reasons that people end up on the streets and how it really can happen to anyone. I am pretty sure if it had come out whilst still under my parents roof I would have been sent to conversion therapy or ended up on the street.

These days I work in real estate with my lovely wife & manage our vacation rental business, amongst other things.

I am honored to have been asked to join the board and I hope I can contribute to giving these young people a wonderful life affirming experience in the most beautiful small town on earth.

Dani Niedzielski


Rebecca Orchant


William Hall

William Hall is a native New Englander, originally from Maine and now residing in Provincetown, MA. He has a BA in Communication Studies. William is also a registered dental hygienist practicing at various dental offices along Cape Cod. He has always enjoyed highly detailed and creative organizational projects, working in the public health sector, and volunteering within the LGBTQ community.

William deeply believes in the Summer of Sass program. He is dedicated to their mission and to helping the organization assist LGBTQ young adults.


Scott Coffey