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Provincetown has long been a haven for queer people, one of America’s most accepting LGBTQ communities. And giving queer youth a chance to experience a place like that, so far removed from their communities back home, is the kind of formative experience that can change—or save—lives.
— Khalid El Khatib, VICE Magazine

Summer of Sass transforms lives by relocating LGBTQI 18-20 yr olds from oppressive areas in the US to the welcoming community of Provincetown, Mass

For years we have been telling young queers “It Gets Better”

Summer of Sass takes the message one step further by showing the next generation




“Summer of Sass” by DKR Films

our story

Summer of Sass (SoS) is the brain child of comedian and activist, Kristen Becker. What started as a simple idea to show young adults “what better looks like” is rapidly growing into an opportunity to radically transform the lives of LGBTQ 18-10 yr olds.

SoS offers a lifeboat to those struggling in oppressive areas of the country and helps to stabilize them on the shores of Provincetown (Ptown),a summer tourist destination known for its acceptance and celebration of those things that make each of use unique.

We subsidize travel costs and initial housing as Sassers get settled in, connect them with local employers and offer overall support to them as we widen their perspective, build their confidence and show them What Better Looks Like.

“We meet them where they are and we help them get where they are going. Happy, Healthy, Humans. That’s what we strive to create” says Becker “THAT is what Better looks like to me. “

I love myself now. I don’t feel shame anymore. And it was the openness—this whole energy from Provincetown that’s so happy and accepting.
— Teddy Lowery, Sasser 2017